A downloadable attempt for Windows and macOS

A game project for Game of History 2021 course at Helsinki University/Aalto University.

Sergei Korolev is a brilliant quantum scientist working for a murky Soviet organization. When his family is killed and he is sent to suffer in the labor camps, he makes a desperate escape and infiltrates the facility he used to work for. For revenge, and to make everything right again...

Give us feedback: https://forms.gle/iNmBeUQjGh8UZMRw7
(Or just meet us at Zoom)

Team Members:

  • Vertti Ruodemäki (Story & Design)
  • Diana Nokelainen (Head Artist & Original Concept)
  • Patrik Boman (Programming)
  • Touko Hanhijoki (Programming)

Additional thanks:

  • Elias Seppinen (Music)
  • Sergei Krasnoiarov (Original Concept & Art Assistant)

Install instructions

Zip-files for Windows and Mac platforms available.

Mac version is an unfinished test, sorry!


Mac test 165 MB
SovietTimeParadox_final_15.4.2021.zip 234 MB

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